Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November is Native American Heritage Month

Come visit Cuyamaca’s LTRC this month and enjoy the display in honor of our Native Americans.

This month’s display includes books from Cuyamaca’s Library collection. Native American children's stories and Native American myths and legends as well as volumes featuring Native American art and history are showcased. Posters displayed provide information about Native American groups from different geographical regions throughout the United States. The animals on loan from San Diego’s Natural History Museum in Balboa Park highlight native animals, and artifacts from Cuyamaca’s Heritage of the America’s Museum and items from Maria Gearhart’s, the LTRC Multi-Media Technician and Library Display Designer and Coordinator’s, private collection emphasize Native American Arts.

For more information about Native American Heritage month, be sure to visit:

Check out Cuyamaca’s Heritage of the America’s Museum @:

And explore San Diego’s Natural History Museum @:

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