Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our History is Our Strength!

March is Women’s History Month! This month’s display in the LTRC features the women leadership of Cuyamaca’s campus and the District Office. Our campus’ deans and vice presidents, Connie Elder, Robin Steinbeck, Danene Brown, Arlene Satele, Serene Pritchett, Madelaine Wolfe, Susan Topham and Julianna Barnes as well as the district Vice Chancellor, Sue Rearic and our Chancellor, Cindy Miles are introduced through photographs and short bios in our 1st floor display case. The 2nd floor cases focus on our powerful and courageous she-roes, those who’ve paved the way for women to overcome oppression and discrimination and set out on their own personal paths of empowerment. Our collection here in the Cuyamaca College LTRC contains excellent literature that highlights the extraordinary accomplishments and amazing strength of many influential women such as Wilma Mankiller, Emily Dickinson, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Charlotte E. Ray and many others. Stop by the LTRC this month and join in our celebration of our SHE-ROES!

Display Creatively Designed by Maria Gearhart

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